Get to know us

Peter Johnston

Company, Lead
I am the Founder and CEO of Lystable. I’m responsible for Lystable’s vision and product strategy. I like UX and basketball. I'm Irish.

Fergus Doyle

Technology, Lead
Enabling the Lean Workforce. Webby winner and Kitesurf instructor

Akosa Melifonwu

Head of Partnerships
Purveyor of fun, merriment and general good times to all client-kind.

Chris Olsen

Answer my questions in less than half a second or I’ll have to optimise you. Already a former politician. Trying to learn the piano.

Mar Bartolomé

I develop the APIs powering the Lystable app. My happiness is directly correlated to our test coverage.

Matan Aharoni

Being able to pout effectively is very important to me. I’m usually busy coding.

Jesse Cowan

Director, Growth
Reasonably suave data cruncher and 3-point shooter, started working for Lystable after being exiled from Canada and the finance industry.

Chris Pearce

I spend my days (and nights) building Lystable UI's. Still waiting for the foosball table...

Alina Colceag

Product Designer
Hybrid 1 cup techie, 2 cups designer. Making Lystable's app both delightful and usable. Passion for products which make a difference.

James Spry-Leverton

I'm responsible for engineering rich user experiences on the Lystable platform as a front-end developer.

Sinead McSweeney

Sales Executive
Spreading the word about the power of Lystable! I’ve spent the last while doing some travelling, before that a stint in NYC.

Yannis Panousis

I help make the Lystable team more productive as an infrastructure and devops engineer who loves being in the middle of all the action.

Peter Bbaale

Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Fortunately I’m a pretty fast long-distance runner ;)

Ben Masters

Customer Success
Hershey, Pennsylvania born, Boston University educated. Forever trying to Americanize Lystable and constantly searching for ways business can make the world a better place.

Graeme Maciver

Engineer who is all about building tech that empowers individuals. Ideally found on a beach or a mountain.

Jackie Vullinghs

Business Development
Loves psychology and numbers in equal measure. Helping you find Lystable and get the most out of it

Emelie Fürst

Sales Account Executive
On a mission to bring success through the Lystable platform. Likes include, but are not limited to, salty liquorice, coffee and languages.

Tomek Wiszniewski

Creative software engineer by day. After hours happy husband, dad, industrial designer, architect, traveller, photographer. Pretty much a human swiss army knife.

Khadija Djait

Customer Success
When not solving problems, spreading the mediterranean lifestyle within Lystable. Ex-consultant. Fashion lover and fine chocolate addict!

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