‘Since using Lystable my workflow has become so much easier’

At ASOS we had been using the same system to book freelancers for years and with our studios and freelance team expanding we realised we needed a much better way of managing the booking of all freelancers.

The Lystable team were great with showing us how it worked and adjusting the platform to suit all our needs so immediately we were keen to start using Lystable.

We mainly use Lystable to manage the bookings of our contributors including photographers and stylists. It’s amazing having all freelance information and assignments in one place and it’s a great way of staying in touch with our contributors without having to email them directly. Lystable is also great for finding new freelancers within our company network that my team haven’t worked with before. We also now have a super simple way to advertise for new freelancers by sending out a link via Twitter, Facebook, and our careers page to encourage them to sign up.

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    850 brands

    ASOS, 2016

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    ASOS, 2016

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    over 12.4 million

    ASOS, 2016

Since using Lystable my workflow has become so much easier to manage and massively reduced the amount of emails I receive from freelancers. It’s also made life a lot easier when it comes to managing weekly tasks and our monthly budget.

All contributors have been super positive about the change over to Lystable and I believe it has changed the way we work a huge amount at ASOS. Since using Lystable other departments at ASOS have also started to use it which proves what a great platform it is.

I would highly recommend fashion companies who rely heavily on freelancers to start using Lystable; it will completely change your workflow for the better!

Daniela Kettle — Studio Coordinator

It will completely change your workflow for the better.

Daniela Kettle, Studio Coordinator

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