About us

Lystable was started by our Founder, Peter, because he was frustrated with the way we all work together. His experience at Google as a product designer led him to working with thousands of external contributors every year. These contributors ranged from contract UX researchers to huge design consultancies like IDEO.

Throughout his time at Google, this way of working became more and more central to his day to day, yet Google’s way of working had not adapted beyond what had previously existed for full time workers.

Between that and the macro trends showing that the entire working world is shifting towards a leaner way of working, where over 65% of professionals will be independent contractors by 2020, the need for a new way of working together has never been so large.

So in November 2014, Peter left Google and set about building Lystable. As a single founder, he joined and completed the Techstars program by himself, a first time occurence for the world’s leading startup accelerator. Shortly after, Lystable raised $500k from Mark Evans (Goldman Sachs, Balderton Capital), then again another $2.75m from Peter Thiel, Toba Capital, Spring Partners and Playfair Capital. The company has grown to 16 employees in less than a year.

Our mission is to redefine how we work with one another. To facilitate the future of work by making everyone’s way of working, more transactional, while at the same time, less rigid and more fluid. We want to make the way we work together, easier, more transparent and remove the shackles of cluttered, non-transactional professional networking sites and web 2.0 recruiters who don’t facilitate free flowing business online today.

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