Helping teams manage their freelancers with ease

Lystable is used by the best teams on the planet to onboard, manage, and pay their freelancers. Saving time, frustration and keeping them a million miles away from spreadsheets.

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Why use Lystable

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Increase visibility

Gain total visibility of your entire external network, all around the globe from one simple dashboard.

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Save time

Find the right talent, automate employee feedback requests and invoice tracking, increasing your efficiency.

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Reduce risk

Onboarding and background checking with Lystable allows you to ensure your external workforce is compliant and classified correctly.

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Increase quality

Store feedback, ratings and rankings of your freelancers and vendors, ensuring you work with the best talent.

"A clean, elegant and beautiful product - bringing peace to our madness of managing hundreds of freelancers."

Hilary Steiner, Director of Consulting



Bulk import via spreadsheets
Run background checks
Approve freelancers/vendors
E-sign contracts

Profile management

Tag skills and attributes
Add notes and documents
Rate performance
Leave feedback

Dashboard management

Advanced search
Filter by skills and availability
Rank by highest performing
Create categories and blacklists

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Resource management

Create job templates (1099 / W2)
Create projects & assign freelancers/vendors
Schedule calendar overview


Create invoice templates
Auto generate timesheets
Auto request invoices
Integrate with your finance system

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Lystable e-Wallet
Make payments to 120+ countries
Add and assign team credit
Schedule payment plans

Lystable is doing something crucial for its customers. As businesses find themselves relying on an “external workforce” of freelancers and vendors, Lystable helps them manage those relationships.”

Anthony Ha, Senior Writer, Techcrunch

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